Chapter 10

The Secret Tunnel Rivers; Traveling to the Skymine, Hura

The group returned from the mountains in the evening. The guards at the gates of Demas informed them that someone had been waiting for them in one of the city’s beer houses. Arriving at the beer house, the group found a grey skinned man, in a smoky black cloak who called himself Psammenitus, an ally of Upius and member of the Oracles of Dawn. Psammenitus discusses information about a quest that Upius had for the group: to visit a location he had found that appeared to be a base for the cultists that were attacking the group. He also informed the group that Upius had been working on investigations involving ancient bloodlines and the transference of power through them. Psammenitus suspected further trouble with the cult was brewing…

Psammenitus did not seem pleased that the group had something to do with Upius’s demise in the deep ocean. Regardless, he ensured Halis that he had taken care of the second hag that attacked the group. He also informed Halis that there were probably more hags (a circle).

Psammenitus left them a map of Upius’s and some information about the location of the cult. A sealed skymine named Hura, 8,000 feet up in the south east Evereach mountains was where the cultists had been heading. Psammenitus had learned that there was a temple somewhere inside the skymine that was supposedly older than the world of Superna itself. He asked the group to investigate and then return to him to meet in Hotep after they figured out what was going on.

After a night’s rest, the group set out on the pathway to the mountain. To avoid attention, the group took a more discrete rout suggested by Psammenitus, through the mountain tunnels that lead through various caverns and water ways. The gnome boat master, Fildor supplied the group with a boat and directions to safely traverse the waterways.

Travels through the tunnels took a couple of days. Eventually the group encounter a tribe of slimy Kuo-toa riding on the backs of giant frogs. After a brief combat broke out, where one of the giant frogs ALMOST ate one of the Kuo-toas… the group moves on. Further travels were eventually blocked when the group encountered Myconids (the spore-mushroom people) guarding the path and demanding fealty for passage!

The bothered adventurers decided to try and talk to the Myconids living in the caverns nearby, in an attempt to negotiate admittance through the passage they needed to travel. The party was invited into the great cavernous domain of the Myconids, and brought to their leader, the Great Sovereign (a really big humanoid mushroom man).The Great Sovereign informed the group that in order to pass through the river-way they had intended to go, that they must be accepted by the great spirits their society worshiped. With that, the Myconids unleashed a hallucinatory spore cloud upon the adventurers that had them all seeing strange visions.

The Myconids accepted the group into their society. Sarish then told the Great Sovereign about the base the group was building, and the Great Sovereign decided to propose a massive march to the location where all of the Myconids could live with the adventurers (away from the troublesome Kuo-toa), since the adventurers were part of their society now! A great march began that shook the stones of the cavern! Teren, who was the least affected by the spore hallucinations, managed to stop the Myconids from marching towards the group’s base. Instead, Teren convinced the Myconids to travel further north, where Teren knew they would encounter the Bug Bears that the group had forced out of the valley near their base.

The Great Sovereign, now convinced that Sarish had been fooling him about the location of their base, decided to punish her by sending a small Myconid societal justiciary to confirm that Sarish would follow all Myconid rules and no longer lie… the small Myconid was promptly beheaded and thrown off the boat into the river, after the group sobered up the following day.

The adventures through the underground tunnels came to an end when the group found an exit leading to a trail in the southern foothills of the Evereach mountain range. The party traversed the mountain trail, and scaled mountain walls until they arrived at their destination. At the peaks of the crags the adventurers had climbed up to (8,000 feet up that is!), one stood out… their destination: the only mountain peak in the range that was surrounded by large cumulonimbus clouds, originating from a dark cave mouth – the entrance to Hura…


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