Chapter 2
Ancient Tomb, Dead Kingdom?

“…axe-age, sword-age, shields are cleft asunder, wind-age, wolf-age, before the world plunges headlong; no man will spare another…” The Seeress’s Prophecy from the Poetic Edda

The group explored the ruined temple of Alacander IV, and found strange foreigners from a land called Illios. The people from Illios were traveling with evil Tieflings that were descendants of the Dead Kingdom, Zherthor (the Tieflings seemed to be leading the foreigners from Illios oddly). Cullen, the former town guard outcast, died during a fight with some of the warriors from Illios. The group was able to rescue captives from Hotep in the temple (a ranger and a company who came to ward the temple), but not before a one of the enemies killed one of the captives. After exploring the chambers of the ruined temple, the group encountered Tieflings and their thug followers from Illios. The tieflings and warriors were digging a hole into the temple of Neb-Anu below. After a grand fight, the party destroyed all of the tie flings and Illios thugs. After a long rest, the group descended into the tomb of Neb-Anu hidden beneath the ruined temple!

After exploring the tomb of Neb-Anu, here is what the group learned:
-The tomb of Neb-Anu was mapped/modeled after the old kingdom and it’s river routes and each hall from the main chamber led to a place that was decorated with hieroglyphs that more or less showed praise to each of the respective kingdoms of that era (including the dead kingdom, Zherthor).
-Pharaoh’s like to put traps and curses in their tombs. Sarish successfully navigated a hall with a trap triggered every 5 feet (minus the very middle of the hallway).
-The group figured out that they needed 4 solid gold idol to open the final tomb chambe.
-The group encountered two memphits (one dust and one smoke), that were each in separate rooms, at the end of a two foot high, 5 foot wide passage crawling with scorpions/snakes. The memphits were apparently the Pharaoh’s old pets and were still under the belief that the kingdom of Zherthor was alive and well… they held an integral key that opened the trap at the end of the trapped hall that Sarish dashed through.

Chapter 1
The Beginning

“Begin…” Indigo Montoya, The Princess Bride

Player Characters:
Ophidiusss (Manny) – Sisslureelian, War Cerlic (Heritic)
Teren (Mike) – Half Elf, Sorcerer (Order: Scions of Arian)
Baaz (Rob) – Human, Rogue (Tribe: The Hasheen)
Sariash (Matt) – Human, Fighter (Ex-militia)

Chosen background: Mutual Mark – you are all being targeted for assassination but do not know why. This is why your group originally met.

-The game started in the capital city of the White Falcon Nome, Hotep, in the Drifter’s Quarter.

-The story began as the group gathered at the Snake & the Hippo tavern-barge to meet a benefactor hiring them for a quest to seek an artifact, that Baaz (Rob) had arranged.

-The old benefactor, Upius, appeared and hired the group to seek out a ruined temple where they were to retrieve a 600 year old artifact for 50gp/person. Upius mysteriously knew all of the group member’s names before ever being introduced.

-Teren (Mike) eyed a tattoo on Upius’ wrist that identified him as a member of a secret sect of scholars that protect ancient historical records (including info about the formation of the world and other well protected power). Teren confronted Upius alone, who seemed prepared for the confrontation and said that he might one day consider Teren a prospective scholar. Teren asked Upius about his brother, who stole a powerful artifact from one of the empire’s magical orders. Upius informed Teren that his brother, Tralius, was in league with some rather powerful and nefarious allies. He promised to look into the matter more thoroughly and tell Teren more upon his return from the quest.

-After the meet, several fights broke out in the tavern with the group and other tavern-goers. The final fight (KIA!) ended with the tavern-barge catching fire. During this last fight, two females who were feigning interest in the group’s members, attempted to assassinate them by surprise during the tavern brawl. One of theses assassins was captured and kept alive. The Dwarven tavern owner, Zabus, promised to keep his mouth shut to the authorities about who was responsible for burning down the establishment (Teren) in return for payment to fix the damages.

-Meanwhile… Sariash (Matt), used his ex-militia status to make contacts within the city militia. After some trial and error, Sariash managed to convince one of the captains of the militia, Cullen, to retrieve information about the group’s quest from his commander. Cullen managed to gather info for Sariash about the ruin that the group was headed to: A cleric named Camm, who was sent to the ruin to ward the area with several militia escorts was captured by strange individuals inside the temple. The men wore strange clothes and had symbols and writings on their clothes and gear that had never been seen before. These men were apparently allied with a Tiefling Paladin who is the leader of a strange cult and descendant of people from the cursed, Dead Kingdom. This information was learned from one of the militia members who escaped the ruin, but the commander informed Cullen that the Pharaoh had more pressing concerns throughout the empire to deal with and that no men could be spared to rescue Camm and the other soldiers.

-Ophidiuss escaped the tavern with the knocked-out, female assassin before the city militia arrived. After unsuccessful attempts at interrogating her, he met back up with his companions. All of the group members found an inn to rest at. While Teren and Baaz went to bed, Ophidiuss and Sariash made further attempts to interrogate their female assassin in stables near the inn. Needing a more quiet place to interrogate the assassin, the two left the stables to cross the darkened city streets to a location that Sariash knew would be better for hiding…if only they had arrived!

-The party was split. Teren and Baaz slept soundly. Ophidiusss and Sariash stealthily made their way through the streets… until a racist town guard spotted Ophidiuss with the girl slung over his shoulder. Inquiries and harassment on the guard’s part eventually led him to summon some more guards, and a fight broke out. The guards unfortunately clobbered the intrepid duo, and the two woke up the following day in a city dungeon cell, sans assassin captive (it was suspected she woke up mid-combat with the guards and fled).

-While Teren and Baaz sought the help of a local thieve’s guild to find their companions the next morning, Ophidiusss and Sariash learned they were to be executed as heretics in the town center. The two prisoners attempted escape and failed. Cullen, Sariash’s town guard ally eventually appeared in the dungeon and rescued them by convincing the other guards that he was transporting prisoners to the execution cells near the town center. Ophidiusss and Sariash were led to an escape route where a boat was provided. The boat traveled down an underground waterway that deposited them 9 miles south on the banks of Nystul Lake near a small village called, Suput.

-Teren and Baaz were waiting to meet up with their thieve’s guild contacts, when a strange bald farmer appeared in the tavern and informed them that their allies were safe and that they were on their way back to town. They were also informed that Cullen was now going to be executed as a traitor to the empire.

-Sariash went to the town of Suput, and haggled a camel away from a farmer. She returned to the river banks where Ophisiuss was waiting. The two spotted a trained hawk that flew down to them to deliver the a papyrus scroll. The message on the scroll told them to return to town, where someone would help them get back together with their companions, and also informed them that Cullen was to be executed.

-When Sariash and Ophidiusss arrived back in town (after a day long travel), they were met by Fenuku (a helper of Upius’). The two were given disguises and were led to the Har-Bai-Bar Beer House, where Teren and Baaz were waiting for them. The group was given all gear that they lost or used to pay the theives guild for help. They prepared to help break out Cullen from the executioner’s prison cell.

-Later at night, the group was approached by a black-robed wizards wreathed in magical shadows, who led them through a secret entrance in the town wall to get to the inner city. They made their way to the holding cells near the town center where they rescued Cullen and escaped. Cullen thanked them and began traveling with the group.

-Finally, the group left the city. Upius met the group at the city borders and bid them well. The group stopped in Suput to rest and embarked on their quest the next afternoon, sleep deprived and upset.

- One evening, while the group was resting in the desert, two enraged tribal Berserkers appeared. After Baaz shot an arrow at one of them, they madly charged at the group and attacked. In the end, the Berserkers were defeated by the group, but not before murdering Sariash!

-Sariash’s soul appeared before the judging eyes of the gods and before the goddess Clerfie who held her scales up to Sariash. In the end it was decided that it was not Sariash’s time to pass on to the Night Desert, the land of the dead… and Sariash was brought back to life, at a cost. When Sariash arose from the sands where her companions had buried her, it was by the will of the gods that she must follow her companion, Ophidiusss’ ‘heretic’ god, Kah, for a short time. (aka, take one level in Cleric).

-After an arduous 20 mile travel through the unforgiving desert, the group reached the ruined temple they had been seeking at last. Upon arrival the group spotted two strange men on the steps near the entrance. The men had long, black beards, squarish in shape and wore colorful clothes and strange caps with odd writings and symbols about their gear…

-The companions approached the strangers and the ruin stealthily. After observing several of these strange humans inside, the group attacked them. As a fight broke out the group heard a strange bell sound. The group defeated their strange enemies, allowing one to member (who gave up) to survive and run afraid into the desert. The group was now inside the first room of the ruined temple, where they saw many hieroglyphic texts of the Dead Kingdom, that had be scratched off of the walls.


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