Cleric Orders

Clerical Orders
Each clerical order is dedicated to a specific god. Their mottos, beliefs and goals are connected to the individual gods

The Gods

The Gods of Good Alignment Domains Symbol
Soreth-Kan-Ra, god of the sun, creation and ruler of the gods LG Life, Light Ankh
Zerhani, goddess of cats, love, music and motherhood NG Life, Nature Winged Mother
Aramael-Amen, goddess of death and grief CG Death Two Crescent Moons
Ozer-Kan-Ra, god of civilization, rulers and guardians LG Knowledge, War, Life Three Faces
Daphine-Anqt, goddess of crafts and medicine NG Knowledge, Light Two Pyramids
Rekah, god of snakes, battle and vengence CG War, Tempest Coiled Snake, Left Eye

The Gods of Neutrality
Clerfie, goddess of judgment, law and death LN Death Scale with Eyes
Tarna – goddess of magic, knowledge and wisdom N Knowledge Scroll in C. Moon
Ecrothar god of thievery, luck and wine CN Trickery Laughing Jackal
Sin-sol, goddess of divination, sight and fate LN Knowledge Sphinx
Kemonar, god of nature N Life, Nature Mountains
Algahst, god of illusions and lust. CN Trickery Eye, Star Pupil

The Gods of Evil
Kohns, god of the mummies, death and darkness LE Death Mummy, Goat Headed Man
Trevenîtor-Neriah, NE
Glagrot-Athrix, god of murder, conquest and dark magic CE Knowledge, War Hand, Eye in Palm
Rexicas-Zoliah, goddess of… LE
Drahgrot-Ptah, god of water and crocdiles NE Nature, Tempest Crocdile’s Head
Haker, god of snakes, battle and vengence CE War, Tempest Coiled Snake, Right Eye

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Cleric Orders

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