Orders and Temples of Ra-Theris
If you are a wizard, warlock, sorcerer, monk, ranger, druid, bard, medjay or a cleric in Ra-Theris, you are part of an order or a temple.  If you are not part of an order or a temple and weild the power to cast spells, then you are considered a heretic who is not adhering to the standard set forth by the empire. When a heretic is encountered, they are either forced to become part of a temple or an order, or they are simply killed.
            Being part of a temple or an order allows you certain benefits.  All would-be practitioners who hope to wield power either arcane or divine, are placed through an academic program that lasts 4 years within a general institution governed by each temple and order.  After completing the requirements of the school they graduate from, the students become apprentices of an order or a temple.  The student chooses an order or temple they desire at graduation, but ultimately council members of the academic institution and people from the order decide which student goes where. They are then considered to be a member of the chosen and begin their path within the order as an apprentice, and rise in rank as they gain renown*.
            Once a student becomes an apprentice, they are allowed to begin wielding the arcane and divine powers they have unlocked.  They are sent out into the world to achieve their own goals, and are encouraged to find ways to increase their abilities.  The order and temple is open to each apprentice and allows them guidance.  Anyone misusing the power they have will ultimately answer to the order or temple they are a part of.
            Beyond the apprentice level, there are higher ranks throughout the order that can be obtained by those who so desire. When an apprentice gains enough power, they may take a test to achieve a higher rank.  The ranks are: Apprentice (1st-4th), Virtuouso (5th-10th), Exemplar (11th-16th), Exhalted (17th-19th), Lord (20th)

Below are links to the various orders that dictate use of arcane and divine magic throughout the empire.

Arcane Orders

Monk Orders

Cleric Orders

Medjay (Paladin) Orders

Ranger Orders

Druidic Orders

Mysterious and Clandestine Orders

The Oracles of Dawn

The Visitants Cabal

The Triptych Eye

Merchant Guild

*Renown mechanics are governed by rules in the DMG on page 22. In addition to renown, rank in the orders may also require to pass a test.

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