Geography and Cosmology

Important Places of Ra-Theris

Vulture’s Wing & the bygone Kingdom – An alluvial fan that descends the mountains forms a crescent shaped wall surrounding a small desert valley. This area was once the beginning of a third tributary in Ra-Theris. The former river once supported a second lower kingdom named Zerthor that has since vanished with the river. A large corroded pyramid made of red sand stone resides in the valley of Vulture’s Wing. The red pyramid is one of the few remaining monuments left behind in tact within the Dead Kingdom, Zerthor. The armies of Ra-Theris were too afraid of being cursed by the pyramid to smash the statues of winged beasts and scratch away the carvings of the devils along its inner walls. The history of Zerthor remains written on its inner chambers, telling of ancient times and leading up to the kingdom’s final pharaoh, Minkah II and the transformations of his people into the Tieflings.

The Seven Plateaus

Crākos Gorge: The Barbarian Battle Pits – The tribes come here once every season, set aside their differences and use Crākos Gorge as a combat arena. Stepps that flank the lower valleys of the gorge form a natural amphitheater where spectators gather to watch events. A mjority of the fights are non-leathal combat, except for a few blood feuds where two combatants have agreed to a death match. When a death match occurs, the reason for the match is announced to the spectators. Other lethal matches may include beast fights, which some slaves from other lands are forced into. Some tribal members willingly enter beast matches to gain a name for themselves, or to showcase their skills. The Elven Barbarian, Tyzar Bladecutter is the one who organizes the combats and judges on disputes between the clans. He is surrounded by a council made up of one member from each of the accepted tribes in the desert.

Kelra-set: Waters of the Dream Pool Oasis – The

Parahall – Located near and within an outcropping of granite rock in the elven kingdom, Parahall is a labyrinth of sandstone monoliths and old temples. Writings on the monoliths and in the temples tell of either false or true histories pertaining to the empire and the history of the world. The labyrinth is vast and easy to get lost within and ferocious monstrosities have been placed here as guardians. Nestled in various locations throughout the labyrinth are temples that house great and ancient power. One temple in particular is said to be from another world all together. To find a temple of great power, one must know the many riddles of history, and follow the writings along the monoliths with this knowledge in mind.

Nystul Lake – The

Dashun – a dried up lake next to a sand ridge where ancient pilars rest from early tribes. Was a source of water when the land was different.

Monolith Mountain – A single mountain peak that stretches to the lofty heights of 30,000 feet and is surrounded by the Evereach mountain range. Surrounding mountains reach no higher than 10,000 feet, so Monolith Mountain stands high above the rest. However, a ring of clouds blocks the view of the top. Creatures that can fly stay away from the cloud ring due to a heavy constant wind that blows them back towards the surface of Superna. Atop Monolith Mountain, rests a shining white peak that houses the citadel of the pharaoh Rahl-Amene called Ra-Kheperu-Ari-Mat (or just Ra-Kheperu).

The Steps of Judgment


Constellations, Stars & Moons

Volanth – Largest of the three moons, Volanth appears a pale blue color in the night sky and is said to control the tides of the ocean. The goddess, Tarna is said to reside on Volanth.
Furia – A smaller reddish-colored moon, said to govern shape shifting beasts’ transformations.
Sin-shar – This moon is the furthest away from the planet. Sin-shar is still visible, appearing like a small ivory orb floating lonesomely at the dark edges of the horizon in the night sky.
The Invisible Star
Constellation of the Pyramids …-

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Geography and Cosmology

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