Non Player Characters

Detrian - Half-Elf, Fighter – Eldritch Knight – 4th level, Description: fair skin, blonde hair, wears clothes and armor from a different culture (Akraetus)

Gramrig - Dwarf Fighter Champion – Description: bald, expert juggler, he is loyal to his employer, has a phobia of worms. Alignment: Neutral Good,

Panya – A young girl who idolizes Sarish, and has decided to follow her

Bele - Slash’s GF 16 Charisma ongoing romance, talks shit (bond)
Hera – Teren’s GF 18 Charisma ongoing romance, 6th level Wizard Virtuoso)
Psammenitus – Grey skinned Metogahn, contact within the Oracles of Dawn, old friend of Upius. Prone to making grand exclamations like “by the 16 gods!”
Baxter – shape shifter – died

Teos (skinny), and Shyshak (stalky) – the golden dragonborn brothers who own the magic shop trading tent in the bazaar. 
Fildor – Gnome boat builder in the caves of Demas. Leant the group a boat for their mission.
Erol - human gladiator from the dwarven lands
Nesric - metogahn, warrior that came upon Ophideusss stolen Kopesh
Meric - Second in command to the shimmer sword guard infantry. Description: Braided beard, shaved head, (uses Bandit Captain in MM pg 344)
Varo – Elf, quick and skinny, met in Jackal’s Tail. Description: tribal, copper skinned, speedy.
Karo – Human, scribe who wrote the hyroglyphics on the walls of the groups home
Timgunn - Human, interior decorator and architect 
Payaxxxx - suslureelian merchant met Ophidiusss in witches tit beer house of Demas
Peacock - hangs out in the house 
Tobis  – librarian gnome, shadowy business 
Kindralth - white scaled lizard in prison (met Halis, was captured in caves by group)
Morenth – golden elf, Lateefs assistant and maser recorder, wizard 7th
Bensoth – merchant that sold Ophids sword and fled
Fren – the patrol wizard in Demas – human with long black hair, arcane symbols, met Sarish

Sky Shadowcrystal - Satyr, owner of the Golden Goose Beer House & Inn, alongside Sesostris’s Lagoon. He has dark black hair and goatee, Alignment NG , game them drinks and for free as customary expectation

Sesostris - Ancient jade gem dragon, protector of the realm’s greatest treasure horde, old friend of former elven pharaoh Amon-Re, fought with him in the Crown Wars when the devils of Zerthor attempted to rule the entire realm alone.

Dathan - Aquatic Elf, Ranger, summoned the Trobs (bubble jelly fish) to assist in the groups quest to the deep sea.


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Non Player Characters

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