Playable Races in Ra-Theris


Playable Races & Origins
Dwarf, Dune (Hill): You were born into one of the desert tribes of the Khafran desert. You might have come from clan Sundermace or a smaller, lesser-known tribe. You may have come to the city of Hotep to trade with with a mechant house, to sell slaves, or even search for a lost relative. In some circumstances, dune dwarf tribal members give their children as “offerings” to their tribal god, whereby their child is put within a basket and placed in the Serpantine river to be pulled away by the waters. If this was your character, a family in one of the cities thorughout the empire may have found you through a storke of luck, raising you as their own ever since. Alternatively, you might have left tribal life to seek your own path as an adventurer. (**Note: Mountain Dwarves and Dune Dwarves do not get along well because of the differences in their cultures.) Dune dwarves have dark brown skin, the color of mountain rock.

Dwarf, Mountain: You grew up in the upper kingdom, either inside the mountain realms or in one of the city-states along the Serpentine River (nearby the mountian realms). Mountain Dwarves are extremely proud of their heritage and most are direct descendents of the tribes that united under the first pharaoh, Ozer, in the beginning days of the kingdom. Contention exists between the Dune Dwarves and the Mountain Dwarves simply because the Dune Dwarf tribes did not fold into Ozer’s empire after the Tribe Wars (though they never actively opposed the empire or Ozer either). Though the Mountain Dwarves have their own kingdom in the south, Mountain Dwarves are found throughout the lower and middle kingdoms too. Recently, the mountain kingdom was sealed off from the rest of the world. Your character my have once lived inside or may have family members inside. Either way, it is a great mystery that most mountain dwarves are concerned over, as it is causing their kingdom, Duldrom, to fall apart. Mountain dwarves typically have reddish colored skin of various hues, typically resembling the color of deep earthy clays.

Elf, River (High): The river elves rule in the lower kingdom, where the Serpantine River branches into several creeks, bogs, lagoons and ultimately deposits the remaining river-waters into the Malachite Sea. Most of the river elves of the lower kingdom are of the first or second generation of tribes that formed under Ozer Kabu’s rule over a thousand years ago. Since elves live so long, their kingdom’s political attitudes have changed very little since the dawn of the kingdom. Only the second pharaoh of their first dynasty is ruling over the people. If you are a high elf, your origin is in the lower kingdom unless your family chose to move into one of the other kingdoms. A major consideration in playing an elf is determining age, because it will dictate how much you have seen of the empire’s history. Most River Elves have gold skin skin of varying hues.

Elf, Sand (Wood): You were birthed to one of the sand elf tribes in the Khefran Desert. The sand elf tribes of the desert have long been allies of the Serpentine Kingdoms, primarly siding with the lower kingdom. As a sand elf, you most likely grew up amidst the oasis viallages and their tribe pinces. Sand elves have dark, glittering, copper skin tones, a sign of spending much of their lives beneath the scorching sun.


Halfling – Halflings were killed off in this realm and are not a playable race in the Ra-Theris campaign

Humans (Settled): Humans of the Ra-Theris empire

Human (Nomad): Humans that live in the desert amongst the tribes.

Human (Metogahn) - this is a tribe of humans who have lived with the elves in the lower kingdom for more than a thousand years.  Having faithfully lived with the elves for so long, something about this human tribe has changed.  Perhaps the Elves taught them a thing or two.  After many generations, the Metogahn have started living much longer lives than any normal human does. They also seem more capable with magic and many of them seem to be Sorcerers. This race uses the Half-Elf traits described in the book, with the following exceptions: While you do gain the fey ancestry trait, you are still considered human, not fey.  Instead of Darkvision you have Low Light vision up to 60’.You do not gain the multitalented ability.You do gain the ability to cast one cantrip of your choice from the Sorcerer’s spell list. Charisma is your spell casting ability for this.

Dragonborn: The Dragonborn are a hardy race with strict honor. Their ancient tribes were key in helping Ozer’s army fend off the mighty Themba tribes. In the current day, the Dragonborn have maintained their lives in the desert, living life in the same exact fashion that they did long before the rise of the Ra-Theris empire. The Dragonborn take pride in being one of the few races who are able to weather all the travails of the harsh desert life, wearing sun scorched scales like a gleaming symbol of honor. Their tribes worship no gods, but trust in the magic running through their blood, which they believe is connected to a time of great power that formed the world of Superna. Even the Oracles of Dawn seem to agree that the Dragonborn are correct on this matter. As a Dragonborn, it is unlikely you have ever willingly left tribal life unless you had a specific quest to fulfill for your tribe or your family. If you do not have this, you may have faced the greatest disgrace of all, being exiled and stripped of your tribal name. (The following Dragonborn exist and may be played in Ra-Theris: Brass, Bronze, Copper, Gold and Red.)
Sisslureel-  The Sisslureelians are a ‘Cobra-humanoid’ race.  This race uses the information for Dragonborn with the ancestary traits for Green Dragonborn, with some exceptions. The Sisslureel only age to about 60-70 years. Their breath weapon is poison that shoots out of their hood (cone, Dex save). Their bodies are covered in scales and they have the head of a cobra.  In every other way their body is of general humanoid appearance. Their scales range from midnight black with a green tinge to a tawny bronze with lighter colored scales on the throat and stomach.  This race comes from the Fudu jungles to the south, far beyond the Labaris mountains, but some of them have become citizens of Ra-Theris.  The Sisslureelian’s have their own (common) language called, Sisslureel.  The language of the Sisslureelian contains many hissing and raspy noises, some words cannot be properly pronounced by other races.  The Sisslureel language replaces the Draconic language for this race that is normally new_species1_f.jpg
Jeer-Kai - The Jeer-Kai are a lizard race with the pointy snouts (Prasinohaema) in my game. This race uses the information for Dragonborn with the ancestary traits for Black Dragonborn, such as age and breath weapon (they shoot acid out of their maws). Their bodies are covered in scales and they have the head of a Prasinohaema lizard.  In every other way their body is of general humanoid appearance. Their scales range from muddy brown to a brilliant green with lighter colored scales on the throat and stomach.  This race comes from the deep Obi jungles very far to the south past the Labaris mountains, but some of them have become citizens of Ra-Theris.  The Jeer-Kai have their own (common) language called, Jeer-Kai!  The language of the Jeer-Kai contains many clicks and guttural rasps, some words cannot be properly pronounced by other races. The Jeer-Kai language replaces the Draconic language that is normally received when playing a regular Dragonborn.

Tiefling: Tieflings are the descendants of the once prominent and aristocratic families of Zerthor, the Dead Kingdom. Their ancestors made pacts with Devils in an attempt to gain power, worshiping them as the empire worships its gods. This was seen as an abhorrent act of great defiance on the part of the Ra-Theris kingdom when knowledge of their worship came to light. Minkah II is said to have been the one who made the first pact. After the fall of Zerthor, after the War of Crowns, many of the Tiefling survivors fled into the desert. Many perished, but some survived. There is a rumor that some Tieflings even had the will to travel well beyond the frontiers of the kingdom and past the vast Seb-Tet desert into unknown lands. Known Tieflings today form tribes in the Seb-Tet desert. Some would like nothing more than to avenge their families and the fallen kingdom, while others have the mere desire to have Tieflings accepted into society instead of looked at with hate.

Zerths (Warforged): “We slept with dreams of fire from hell and awoke to a sun rising bathed in blood, our souls now eternally trapped.” Zerths from “Zerthorians” are the name of a race of people who have been cursed to have their souls trapped in sand stone statue bodies. A soul trapped in a body of stone is said to be barred from the afterlife that is so precious to the people of Ra-Theris. Many of the Zerths were people who awoke in their new form the same day the War of Crowns was over and the kingdom of Zerthor had lost. A plague swept across the kingdom after their defeat and the kingdomes rivers dried up, forming the desolate wadis that exist today. When this occurred, many of the kingdoms people who swore complete allegiance to Zerthor; awoke to find that their souls had somehow become bound to stone statues that formed their new bodies. Most attribute this to a punishment upon the people of Zerthor, a divine sundering. Not all Zerths have been formed in this way however, some can be created by powerful wizards and this has been done for both well intentioned and malicious reasons. Whatever the case, most Zerths are not accepted into society however, and usually end up amongst others who are like them. The Zerths of the Dead Kingdom preside amidst their own societies within several of the ruins found throughout the Seb-Tet desert in the Dead Kingdom.

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Playable Races in Ra-Theris

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