Visitants Cabal


The Visitant’s Cabal is a secret society made up of select members from the Oracles of Dawn. The cabal practices Chronomancy, the secret magic of time travel.

While it is near impossible for even the most powerful Chronomancer to travel too far into the future or the past, many have had glimpses of the past and future of Superna, as detailed below. These visions have not proven absolute.

Visions of the Past

  • Before Before
  • The Elder Planet of Awesome Size
  • Malleable Elements and a Reformation from Deconstruction – The Age of Chimera
  • The Age of New Men
  • The Age of Stone’s Might
  • Lightening Stars and the Craters of the Star Metal

Visions of the Future

  • Chivalrous Knights and the Extinction of Dragons
  • Age of the Cowboy Paladins and the Devil Gunmen
  • The Steam Engine King and the Metal Empire Revolutions
  • Appearance of the Relative Black Planet: War of these Worlds
  • A.I. Thralls and the Destruction of Magic
  • Egos in Space and the Search for more Relative Worlds
  • The Last Second of the Multiverse

Where we’re going… we don’t need roads…

Visitants Cabal

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