Chapter 8

Stone Cold Stunner

While the rest of the group recovered, Teren, Detrian, Slash, Gramrig and Ophidiusss left town to explore the location where they wanted to build their base. Their travels led them to a circular mountain range in the Evereach, where the alleged waterfall was. The party encountered a group of sun bathing basilisks that attacked them, and one of them turned Slash to stone! The group eventually was still able to kill the basilisks, but after the rough combat Ophidiusss got sick (apparently still not better from the poison inflicted by the hags) and the group returned to Demas. Slash was restored by Morenth, the golden skinned elf of Lateef’s court.
Slash, Teren, Detrian and Gramrig went to a beer house. Slash fought against a local thug in a stick fight atop a beam that hovered above a flaming fire pit and won! After a night of carousing, the group came up on some money gambling and Slash found a girlfriend.


Sands666 Sands666

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