Culture and Society in Ra-Theris

Society and Social Hierarchy

Common (Therisian) -Human
Ancient Common (Ra) -Human
Crākan (Common Nomad/Barbarian)

Ra-Theris Fashion
Men – linen leg wrappings, linen kilt, belt, barefoot or sandals, linen shirt, robes in winter, wigs, short hair or shaved bald, long thin
Women – full length linen dress with shoulder straps, barefoot or sandals, robes in winter, wigs, shoulder length hair
Children – loincloth, robes in winter, boy’s hair – single lock or fully shaved head, girls – pig tails
Royalty – Jewelry, headdresses for special occassions, kilts/dresses with pleats, ceremonial garbs with lots of decorations, gloves
Working men/women – loincloth/short skirt
Old men – long linen kilts

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Culture and Society in Ra-Theris

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