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Current Campaign Date: (End of Game 26) Earth’s Day – Shemu the 24th 1335, morning. (Updated 6/19/16)

Beginning date in game: Midathyr 1, 1335
Total days passed in campaign: 79 (as of game 27)

Second story for home in Demas: Construction began – Sun’s Day – Midathyr 15th, 1335. COMPLETED on – Moon’s Day – Endathyr 16th, 1335
Fort construction in hidden valley: Construction began – Moon’s Day – Endathyr 2nd, 1335. Estimated time of completion – Earth’s Day – Endshemu 10th, 1335

Down Time Activities
Ophidiusss – Baby wyvern training. 3 days
Sarish – Baby wyvern training. 3 days
Gramrig – Baby wyvern training. 3 days

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Time Past by Game
Game 1 – 4 days: 2 days in Hotep, 2 days traveling to ruined temple
Game 2 – 1 day: in the temple of Alacander
Game 3 – 3 days: in tomb of Neb-Anu
Game 4 – 6 days: in the desert & Harem-Huef ruins, travel ended in Demas
Game 5 – 3 days: in Demas and in west caves fighting lizard men (Baaz leaves)
Game 6 – 4 days: 1 day in Dendera, 2 days out at sea, 1 day returning home (Halis joins)
Game 7 – 5 days: 2 day in Demas, 3 days in the Evereach (Slash joins)
Game 8 – 2 days: 2 day in the SE Evereach looking for planned base location
Game 9 – 4 days: 2 days in SE Evereach clearing out hidden valley, 2 days in Demas
Game 10 – 5 days: 3 days in traveling through caves, 2 days climbing SW Evereach mountains
Game 11 – 2 days: Mountains and inside Skymine, Hura
Game 12 – 1 day: Exploring skymine and temple of Akshar
Game 13 – 4 days: 2 days in mines/temple of Akshar, 2 days traveling mountains to Hotep
Game 14 – (Side Quest) – 1/2 day: Hotep
Game 15 – 1/2 day: Hotep
Game 16 – 3 days: 1 day in Hotep, 2 days sailing and arriving in Zaphnath
Game 17 – (Side Quest) – 1 day: 9 hells, town
Game 18 – 3 days: 1 day in Zaphnath, Katesch and at the beginning of the Steps of Judgment. 2 more days climbing the steps arriving in the Pharoahs Citadel at the end.
Game 19 – 0 days: An evening in the Citadel, Rah-Kheparu (begins when group arrived at Citadel at the end of day in game 18). Ends the next morning on the 26th, Air’s Day in the month of Endathyr.
Game 20 – 2 days: (begins on Endathyr 26th) 1 day in Ra-Kheperu, teleported to Pydon (city under siege), traveled West into the Khafran Desert and camping. 1day traveling again in the desert, then at Crakos Gorge. (Next game begins on 28th of Endathyr, Star’s Day)
Game 21 – 2 days: (begins on Endathyr 28th, evening) 1 evening in Crakes Gorge (); 5.5 days traveling from Crakos to the Blue Plateau (4.5 normal but set back a day by sand storm), 1 night camping after fight with other heroes and skeletal constructs (next game begins on Star’s Day, Sun’s Week the 7th)
Game 22 0 days pass while characters travel through time via the glass pyramid (even though several days pass in the times they travel to)—-
Game 23 1 days pass while completing the quest in the glass pyramid (rested one day)
Game 24 0 days pass after completing the quest in the glass pyramid (rested one day), return to Crākos Gorge via teleport.
Game 25 2 days: 1 day camping in the Thandazile Savannah, 1 day in Fudu Jungles, game ends in front of base waterfall
Game 26 20 days: 1 day at base, 5 days teleport to Katesch and travel up river on boat, 1 day traveling through jungles to Kartek, 6 days traveling the southern Cabar desert to the Sand elf tribe’s oasis, 1 day resting at oasis, 6 nights riding giant snakes to Parahall, ends in Parahall
Game 27 1 days: explored castle of neutrality, left Pavrahall, went to base, Demas and then returned.
(on the 24th of Shemu, where the next game begins!)

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